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Iouri S - Seller - 2023

Charlotte did an outstanding job with excellent of touch in the real market's today picture. Her great effort to assist and guide me to set up my goal and made it happened. In the crazy New Hampshire's summer market situation, Charlotte help me to sale my condo only for 1,5 month and did a closing process on time. She was full time involved in all aspects of selling: taking the pictures of rooms, then refreshing posted images on line, answers on phone and messages just same time, help to find rite prize, working with a Bayer with strong and gentle hands, and finale did job done. She not let me panic and collapse and direct me, when an extremely emergency happened : in my bathroom on second floor broke water connection in toilet and water was flushing to all over down to first floor- direct 1,5 hr. before the closing meeting. The emergency plumber from Queen City Co. Manchester did good job and Charlotte handle the situation with proof of plumber job and email and contacted with a Bayer and selling my condo was completed and get my check only with an hour delate, because the Bank did a mistake in the spalling my name when they printed on a check. Charlotte push the clerks to printed the rite name and get it before 5pm same day. Smart, the best sense of humor, newer panic at all situations, very friendly and kind, she is keeping our way forward to get result done with ignoring any problems . Charlotte is real professional deserved to be the 5 stars winner!!! Charlotte, thank you so much that Gog let me to meet you in this business.

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